Wednesday 30th  May

Masterclass, Lagos Nigeria

Tuesday, 5th  June

Wolftrap    Vienna, Va.

Saturday, 9th  June

Bonnaroo Arts Festival  Manchester, Tn.

Thursday, 14th June

Nocturne Live   Oxford, UK

Friday,  15th June

Belsonic   Belfast

Saturday 16th June

Malahide Castle   Dublin

Saturday 16th June

Ralph Rolle and the Funk Patrol MIDNIGHT PARTY

The Grand Social   Dublin

Sunday 17th June

Live at The Marquee   Cork

Friday 16nd June

Isle of Wight Music Festival

Saturday 23rd June

Villa Capo Santa Fortunata 

Sorento, Italy

Sunday 24th June

Scarborough Open Air Theater

Scarborough, England

Wednesday 27th June

Castlefield Bowl

Manchester, England

Wednesday 27th June


Albert Schloss

Peter Street Manchester

Saturday 30th June

Fiesta x FOLD

Kelvingroove Bandstand

Glasgow, Scotland

Sunday 1st July

Fiesta x FOLD

Kelvingroove Bandstand

Glasgow, Scotland


Thank you for stopping by. I hope you get a chance to come out to one of my clinics. Over the years I’ve learned many things. One of those things was HOW TO KEEP A GIG and HOW TO PLAY A FUNKY GROOVE. Hopefully, in 2 hours, I can teach you some major fundamentals on how to do just that.

The clinic is going to focus on the styles of Soul, R&B, Hip Hip, Funk and Pop. I will explain what you should listen for and how to apply the right things in the right places.

Start at 2:20

Nile Rodgers and Chic LIVE in Vancouver, Canada.

You’re seeing the show from my chair on Facebook Live.

Click on the Kat!


  1. "The pocket"...what does that mean?

  2. Funky Groove Play-Along with Bass and percussion

Dynamics 101

What does, "The Cop On The Block" mean?

How to build a groove.

The 5 P's. Passion, Power, Placement, Performance and Purity

The word "Can't" and how it affects you

Exercises for a good groove

Tools of the trade

How to keep a gig

What to ask for

I have more than 35 years in music. What you won’t see is a bunch of tricks but sound fundamentals and tools for keeping a gig and having a great time in the process.